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Are You Growing Weeds or Flowers?

People Gravitate toward Their Dominant Thoughts

Are You Growing Weeds or Flowers? , Image:

Let’s spend some time examining how what is on your mind affects what is in your life. Take out a pen and paper, and write down what you think about all day. This activity from Nancy Warnars, licensed professional counselor at ACT Absolute Choices Today Counseling, illustrates one of the most important principles to understand about the mind, that people will always gravitate toward what they think about most. This might sound simple, but people have been raised in families with particular patterns and ways of thinking that profoundly affect their thoughts.

Regardless, the old saying is true; the mind is like a garden that either grows weeds or flowers. Warnars explains, “Negative thinking and discussions of others are weed growers. Positive thinking and focusing on specific desired goals are flower growers. Some people enjoy patterns and are 'hunkered down’ in negative thinking because it keeps them in their own private hole. The more we learn and work on our own self-growth, the more we move toward the flowers.”

She continues, “One of my teachers, Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D. and Ph.D, has a Map of Consciousness that paints a clear picture of how thoughts impact results in our lives. We are what we think. I have learned that kindness and understanding can create profound changes in human beings. Listening to the people’s truth, however painful, can create a release toward a better feeling day.”

In essence, anyone who so chooses can change his or her life for the better by taking responsibility for personal thinking and actions and letting go of the past.

Nancy Warnars is a licensed professional counselor and a member of the Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association. Absolute Choices Today Counseling is located in East Lansing, MI. For information or to schedule an appointment, call 248-845-0513 or visit Insurance accepted.

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