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D Is for Dental Health

The Sunshine Vitamin Defends the Mouth and Body

D Is for Dental Health, Image:

In any situation where there is an infectious process, including dental disease, the host defense depends on numerous factors, including genetics, current state of health and stress response. According to Sue Shoha, DDS, who practices in Bloomfield Hills, there’s not much people can do to alter their genetics, but there’s a lot of leeway with the ability to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle. The concept of food as medicine is not new, but maybe the concept of food as dental medicine is new to some.

“Avoidance of foods that we are sensitive to (think gluten and dairy)," she explains, "as well as foods that are highly inflammatory, such as processed sugar, and including foods that are nutritious will help provide the foundation for the body to create health.” Shoha recommends eating salmon, egg yolks and wild mushrooms because they contain a key nutrient to enhance dental health: vitamin D.

“Vitamin D is crucial for tooth and bone development, and ideally intake of it begins while the skeletal system and tooth buds are forming in utero,” she adds. “Vitamin D works in conjunction with calcium and magnesium to build solid bones as well as teeth. Deficiency of vitamin D has been found to create a greater propensity to cavities as well as progression of gum disease.

"To fortify the body’s defenses further," says Shoha, “Dr. Frank Shallenberger and other integrative physicians have been recommending taking vitamin C at higher doses than usual. Vitamin A, zinc and vitamin D are all crucial for helping the body fight infections.”

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