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Natural Cold Remedies

Vitamins, Supplements and Other Tips

by Lee Rossano, C.N.C.

Natural Cold Remedies, Image:

One natural way to prevent colds from bacteria is to clean up your diet and stop sugar. The immune system is confused by sugar because it resembles a bacterial infection, so if your immune system is busy trying to clean up sugar it can’t keep up with the bacteria...and you can get sick.

If the cold is viral, the treatment is very different. Viral infections live in the cells so antibiotics wont work because they work in the blood. Stopping sugar is also advised for a virus.

Natural Remedies for a Virus:
• L-Lysine – an amino acid that stops a virus
• Viru Chord or Virus Combination - homeopathic remedies that help the body clean up a virus
• Flu Like pellets
• ADP - emulsified oil of oregano
• Zinc to boost immunity
• Vitamin C - good for immunity, take to bowel tolerance
• Liquid Iodine: potassium iodide in a liquid form that eases sinus and sore throat symptoms

Natural remedies for a Bacterial Infection:
• Vitamin C - good for immunity, as above, take to bowel tolerance
• IAG is an immune booster
• ADP- emulsified oil of oregano
• Liquid Iodine: potassium iodide in a liquid form that eases sinus and sore throat symptoms
• Bacteria Chord or Bacteria Combination - Both are great homeopathic remedies that work well with colds.

These remedies have worked very well for my clients over the years. There may also be herbal remedies available that can help.

Don't forget that there is also a great standby: chicken soup! And remember your lymph system has to clean this up, so drink lots of room temperature water.

Lee Rossano is a Certified Nutritional Counselor with Advanced Nutritional Solutions in Lake Orion, MI. For more information on the brands/products mentioned here, call 248-652-4160 or visit

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