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Get everything together and plan to take part in our February 2021 issue. We'll be bringing readers in our community news, information and resources related to having a healthy heart, eating heart-healthy, mindfulness / meditation, conscious relationships and more.


Here are a few of our planned articles for February
Heart-Healthy Lifestyles
Simple lifestyle changes can help prevent up to 80% of deaths related to heart disease. Included are proper diet, supplementation, preventative screening, exercise and more.
• Meditation and Mindfulness
Naturally complementary, both can boost our health and well-being.
Blood Pressure Moves
Exercises, diet and activities that have been shown to help lower blood pressure readings.
• Healthy Kids: "Veggie Tricks"
Clever workarounds from nutritionists to help kids love their veggies.
• Conscious Relationships
By undertaking our own inner work, a relationship can help us evolve into our most authentic, whole, free self, allowing conscious intimacy to spontaneously arise.
Becoming Heart-Minded
When we focus on our heart center solutions to challenges begin to reveal themselves.
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