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Ozone Therapy Can Help with Infection

American Regenerative Clinic Offers Ten-Pass Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy

by Andrey Lutskovsky, D.O.

Ozone Therapy Helps with Infection, Image:

Ozone therapy has been shown to kill all kinds of germs topically via ozonized water, oils and creams. Ozonized water can be very effective as drinking water and solution for mouth and throat gargling. Since coronavirus stays first in upper airways for days, causing sore throat, in some cases this could be effectively eliminated by gargling every few hours using sea salt or ozonized water.

In addition, systemic (intravenous) ozone could be used for prophylaxis and treatment of infection. Here's how we apply high dose ozone:
A small amount of blood is drawn (typically about 150-200mL), mixed with ozone and then infused back via the same vein. This constitutes one "pass." It can be repeated 9 or more additional times for a total of up to 10+ passes per procedure, lasting about an hour.

This treatment has been shown to improve circulation, immune system and oxygenation of the whole body. It stimulates production of new stem cells, activates existing ones; and it kills all kinds of bacteria, spirochetes, viruses, fungus, even cancer cells. High Dose Ozone rebuilds mitochondria as an energy source and generally revitalizes the whole body, slows down telomeres shortening and doesn’t deplete the body of important electrolytes and other micronutrients.

High Dose Ozone is recommended as prophylaxis from once a month to twice a year. It works great as detox, anti-aging, energy boost and immune system enhancement. It is 100% natural and is internationally recognized as one of the safest therapies in all of medicine.

In China, Hyperbaric Ozone was successfully used on some patients with confirmed coronavirus infection. Chinese protocol includes exponentially increasing number of passes of ozone and high doses of vitamins. Also a small number of patients in China with coronavirus pneumonia (advanced stage of outbreak disease) were successfully treated with intravenous mesenchymal (stem cells) injections.

American Regenerative Clinic is dedicated to providing natural help in effectively fighting communicable diseases including coronavirus. While there is plenty of information available about the danger of this pandemic event and recommendations from officials, we want to remind everyone that our clinics in Bingham Farms and Kalamazoo are ready to help you with the best treatment for all your needs.

We are sure that hospitals would do anything to treat serious cases of coronavirus with all necessary methods. But our clinic also has capacity to provide ozone and stem cells as very effective alternative or complementary treatment.

Dr Andrey LutskovskyDr. Andrey Lutskovsky, D.O. is a Certified Functional Medicine practitioner at American Regenerative Clinic, 31000 Telegraph Rd., Ste. 140, Bingham Farms, MI. He will be happy to provide a free consultation for those interested learning more. For more information, call 248-876-4242 or visit Ten-pass Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy in Michigan is exclusively available in our clinic.

COVID-19 Update: Dr. Lutskovsky is offering phone and video consultations only during the pandemic. For details, call 248-876-4242.

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