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Solutions for Spring Allergies

Natural Immune System Support Eases Airborne and Food Allergies

by Lee Rossano

Solutions for Spring Allergies -

No matter what allergens, whether food, environmental/chemical or airborne pollens, trigger an individual’s spring allergies, all allergies have this in common: they perpetuate themselves by aggravating the immune system. Allergies are a sign of a tired immune system. Constant sinus infection and rounds of antibiotics deplete the immune system as well as create fungal infections in the sinus cavity that can go undetected by doctors.

Food allergies may not be the first spring allergies that come to mind, but some food allergies can be linked to tree pollen. As an example, the birch tree can be linked to multiple food allergies or sensitivities, such as soy, wheat, celery and almonds. Allergy testing done using skin scratch tests is not always effective in identifying food allergies, so noting symptoms is important in diagnosis. Undetected food sensitivities and allergies interfere with overall health.

Once diagnosed, there are several solutions for allergies. Most allergists will recommend allergy shots for airborne allergies, including dust, mold, tree pollen and grasses. Weekly shots may help the body build immunity toward the reactive substance.

However, there are other more natural ways of dealing with these types of allergies. Natural antihistamines with immune support (like the nutritional supplements Natural-Hist and Natural-Hist JR, a chewable formula), homeopathic phenolic drops (chemicals found in nature, foods and all forms of chemicals) and noninvasive allergy elimination sessions (in essence, BioSET) can reset the body’s response to all forms of springtime allergens.

Lee Rossano is a Certified Nutritional Counselor practicing at Advanced Nutritional Solutions in Lake Orion, MI. For more information, call 248-652-4160 or visit her website: WhySuffer.net.

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