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Supplements to Support the Gut Naturally

by Keri Topouzian, D.O.

Supplements to Support the Gut Naturally, Image:

Aging, bodily illness and digestive system disease can interfere with nutrient absorption. Supplements such as the following, available at Topouzian’s office, can help.

• Multi Collagen: Collagen literally holds you together: from the hairs on your head, to every inch of your skin, to your joints. It even impacts the overall health of your gut, including gut integrity.

• Antrantil: For the treatment of bloating, constipation and diarrhea. Out-of-place bacteria feed off the foods you eat and create methane gas that leaves you bloated and uncomfortable. Atrantíl breaks the cycle naturally.

• Quebracho: This complex polyphenol soaks up the hydrogen (the fuel needed for methane production) and disrupts the cell wall of the archaebacteria (this weakens and stresses the methane producer).

• Horse chestnut: A natural inhibitor to the enzyme that allows methane to be produced, this extract enters the archaebacterial cell through the disrupted cell wall and shuts down the methane-producing mechanism.

• SBI Protect: SBI stands for “serum bovine immunoglobulin.” SBI has been shown to bind microbes and toxins, further enhancing microbiome balance and facilitating gut barrier strength.

• Napa Valley Bitters: Most people do not optimally absorb nutrients from their food or the vitamins that they take. One of the main reasons is that we do not make enough stomach acid. Taking bitters with meals helps with digestion by stimulating your stomach to produce more stomach acid naturally.

Keri Topouzian, D.O. (“Dr. T”), is an osteopathic physician, board certified in functional medicine and emergency medicine with 30+ years’ experience. He has offices in Bloomfield Hills, Saginaw and St. Joseph, MI. For more information, call 248-302-0473 or visit his website at:

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